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Submissions for JRR's 2013 CD are now closed and all audition invitation emails sent out.

As always, we received 100's of worthy submissions, many more than we could ever hope to record in one year! If you did not receive an invitation to audition, please continue to work hard and make sure to submit your demo next year - thanks!

Check out our latest release, Ripple Effect.

Ripple Effect Cover

Welcome to Jazz Revelation Records
Jazz Revelation Records is a student-run, artist-driven record label created to present the top jazz composers and performers from the Berklee College of Music.

Gathered from all over the globe, JRR artists speak the traditional language of jazz in a new way. Their youth, their passion, and their commitment are the launching pad for a sound that gets inside your head, your heart, and yes, you'll tap your feet and maybe hum along after a while.

Is Jazz dead? We don't think so. It is a continuation of a very old conversation that made a voyage from Africa, was married to the blues, shouted out from cotton fields to St. Lois and the South Side of Chicago, and headed back to Europe and beyond with Dexter, Miles, Coltrane, and the Duke himself, Mr. Ellington.

Along the way, these young bloods joined the fray. Listen in while they honor the Masters of Old with their own take on the great song, the great conversation that is Jazz - alive and well and moving ahead as always, to a brand new day.

Berklee College of Music is a state-of-the-art institution that covers all the bases. From hip-hop turntables to classically trained pianists searching for the lost chord, Berklee plays host to a world-wide and world-class body of some 4,000 students. Berklee has always been a leader in the study of that wonderfully elusive thing called "Contemporary Popular Music", and back in the day that meant one thing - jazz. And while jazz may no longer be at the center of pop culture, it is very much still at the center of why Berklee continues to attract the best and the brightest.

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